About Me

So this is the obligatory ‘About me’ page because y’all are nosey aren’t ‘ya?

So My name is Jess, and somewhat unsurprisingly, I live in Vienna. I moved here in 2016 to escape a life in the Welsh coal mines, mining for Welsh cake ingredients. You may have noticed my sense of humour is a little ‘Odd’. I don’t care. In fact I’m possibly as mad as a box of frogs, or as sane as a postage stamp on Sunday, We just don’t know. Anyway, I set this little blog up because I like to get out and about. I find Vienna and Austria in General to be simply stunning, and I wanted to share what I see with everyone. The places I go aren’t the usual tourist spots. I’m not saying you won’t see the Opera or St. Stephan’s Catherdral on here, but they aren’t what I’m really looking for. Far away from the crowds of tourists, the real Vienna and the real Austria is there for those who want to find it. So thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy my nonsense.


Jess B.